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About Us

The Meaningful Chocolate Company is run by people who are passionate about ethical trading and faith. We have experience in the manufacturing, commercial, financial, not-for-profit, marketing, voluntary, charity, educational and ethical trading sectors.

We are a privately owned British company with a single shareholder and a small team of committed staff who work out of our Lymm office. We have thousands of customers who buy our products and also support our work.

We are an accredited Fairtrade company and are registered with the FLO, the international Fairtrade body and The Fairtrade Foundation. All of our products are Fairtrade ensuring that our growers receive a minimum price for their produce. We also contribute to Fairtrade's Growers Premium which gives our growers a cash bonus for their produce to spend on improving their communities.

We are proud to be part of the ethical trading community.

The Real Easter Egg was the first in our range of meaningful chocolate products, so look out for us on your supermarket shelves in the future. Read more about the company at www.meaningfulchocolate.co.uk



We were founded at Waulk Mill, in a part of Manchester known as Ancoats-Little Italy. Waulk Mill sits next to the Rochdale Canal and was part of Murrays' Mills complex, which was one of the largest cotton-spinning firms in the world, employing around 1000 people at its height. Our building was used for doubling - the process of combining two or more lengths of yarn into a single thread. Today Murrays' Mill is the world's oldest surviving steam-powered urban cotton mill.


Some questions people have asked us…

Is your chocolate allergy free?

See the detailed allegen advice above for each product.

Is the Real Easter Egg suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, our chocolate is made with natural cocoa butter and contains no vegetable fat substitutes.

Where does your chocolate come from and where do you make them?

Our sugar comes from cooperatives in Paraguay and Belize. Our cocoa comes fromKuapa Kpkoo Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Ltd., Ghana.http://www.kuapakokoo.com/

Our eggs are hand made and wrapped in the UK.

Does your chocolate contain palm oil?

No. In the UK it is possible to add 5% vegetable fat to chocolate. Unlike some larger manufacturers, we don't add any palm oil or any other oils to our chocolate. It's just natural chocolate.

Why is your chocolate not more healthy?

Our aim is to make chocolate that most people can enjoy as a treat and as part of a balanced diet. We use the best natural ingredients in our chocolate. If we replaced natural cocoa butter or sugar with highly processed artificial alternatives then fewer people would enjoy it. So we say enjoy our chocolate but be treat wise.

Why is your chocolate not 100% Fairtrade?

All the cocoa and sugar used to make our chocolate is certified Fairtrade. Some ingredients are not yet available from Fairtrade supplies so no chocolate can be 100% Fairtrade.

Is your chocolate organic?

At present the introduction of organics is seen as a high risk to the livelihood of our farmers. Cocoa, the raw ingredient of chocolate, is very prone to diseases which, if not dealt with quickly, can wipe out the crop. In 1986 disease wiped out vast numbers of cocoa trees in Brazil.

It is worth noting that Fairtrade certification tends to be awarded to smaller farmers and cooperatives which often rely on natural crop protection as pesticides are expensive. There are over 2 million cocoa farmers in Africa.

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