With more than £200,000 raised for good causes so far, here is our recent cheque handover for Real Easter Eggs sold in 2016. The Real Easter Egg helped raise a further £3,000 which are not included on this cheque. We are very proud that we are the UK's only Fairtrade charity Easter Egg and that the money we donate goes to help Traidcraft Exchange. 

Every egg we sell also contributes to the Fairtrade Premium which benefits those who grow our sugar and chocolate. 

Our final order deadline is 4pm on 10th April. You can find all our retailers at www.realeasteregg.co.uk/shop

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Real Egg donates £25,000
Over £25,000 has been given to charity from profits made by sales of The Real Easter Egg in 2011

2012 Campaign Underway
With more than 60% of our production sold already, we know that there is a place for a Fairtrade Easter gift that mentions the faith we all celebrate.

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