The Real Meaning of Easter

On this page you can discover more about the very first Easter 2000 years ago, when Jesus died but came back to life. Easter eggs are a reminder of this Good News.

It would be hard to imagine Easter without eggs.
But do you know why we eat them?

Eggs are a symbol of hope and new life. Today billions of people all over the world believe that by dying and coming back to life Jesus gave people the chance to know God a new way.

The friends of Jesus, called Christians, still follow him and know his love in their lives and you can too.


What is the Easter story?

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Crack open Easter – an interactive way of exploring the Easter story in detail


What does Easter mean for your life?

To explore what faith might mean to you visit Alpha

To find out more about Jesus’ death and resurrection click here.

To read a message about Easter, visit Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop of Westminster.
Archbishop of Canterbury
Archbishop of Westminster


Fun Things?

Make your own Real Easter Egg card here
Easter Egg quiz here



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